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Hawk Woods

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DV Series

DV Series The DV Link Battery-System from Hawk-Woods is a world first. It allows Mini-DV camera operators to mount and power additional on-board equipment from a single camera battery. This is achieved via a series of Linking power adaptors and mounts which integrate with the unique Hawk-Woods Link battery and each other.


Adaptors V-Lok camera adaptors provide additional power distribution and a mounting bracket. They will attach to a compatible camera just like a regular battery and then give you the camera battery fitting back again. VL-CA2


Chargers V-Lok MR series of chargers are suitable for charging all V-Lok Lithium-Ion, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh batteries. They are universal mains & in-car compatible, plus feature a 60W Power Supply Unit (PSU) as standard. The VL-L1 is a single channel Lithium-Ion quick charger.

V-Lok Lithium-Ion

V-Lok Lithium-Ion The V-Lok Battery range offer complete Sony V-Mount compatibility and are suitable for professional broadcast equipment. They feature the latest cell technology and offer stunning performance for their size and weight. Amongst they’re features are a built-in fuel gauge, discharge protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection.