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Dedolight K24M Master 150W 24V Halogen Kit

Dedolight K24M Master 150W 24V Halogen Kit
  • Description

Consists of the  following items

3 DLH4 Dedolight head universal double aspheric lens
1 DT24-3 Dedo transformer 240v-24v x 3
6 DPOW3 Cable for DLH2 to DT transformer: 8m
3 DBD Standard barndoor
3 DPLS Light shield ring
3 DDCF Dichroic daylight conversion filter for DLH4,DLHM4-300
1 DSCF Full scrim
1 DSC1/2 Half scrim
1 DSCG Graduated scrim
1 DSCP Scrim pouch
1 DGRADF 0.6 Graduated neutral grey filter
8 DFH Gel filter holder
1 DGMD Mixed diffusion, 20 filters
1 DGW Warm tone effect, 24 gels
1 DP1 Universal projection attachment w/85mm lens
1 DPGH Gobo holder
1 DPFS Framing shutter blades
1 DPIR Iris
3 DST Dedolight stand
2 DSTFX Dedolight flexible stand extension
2 DH2 Dedolight holder
2 CLAMP1 Dedolight clamp
1 DV6B Vacuum mount
12 DL150 24V 150W Halogen lamp
3 DLBOX Plastic box
1 DCHD Dedolight heavy duty transport case


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