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Panasonic BT-LH910G (BTLH910) multi-format HD / SD 8.5inch field monitor with IPS Panel

Panasonic BT-LH910G (BTLH910) multi-format HD / SD 8.5inch field monitor with IPS Panel
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The BT-LH910 offers production-level critical viewing with 1280 x 768 WXGA pixel resolution, the highest in the 9-inch and under professional LCD monitor category. The monitor’s high brightness (350cd /m²), high contrast (1000:1), horizontally-aligned IPS panel has 176 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles, the widest offered by any LCD display. It delivers exceptional imagery with superb color accuracy and exhibits minimal changes in brightness and color due to the viewing angle.

The BT-LH910 incorporates a 2X SDI IN overlay and side-by-side display that provides a 2D view of various 3D checks, including composition, convergence, colour and luminance, focus and zoom position, and parallax. This “3D assist” function is ideal for production crews that require 3D review in the field, such as when using a 3D rig system. Boosting its versatility, the BT-LH910 delivers a full range of professional interfaces, including for the first time in a Panasonic pro monitor, HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs. The LH910 also offers two times SDI loop-through to allow it to be used with existing 3D rigs while still feeding video to any downstream equipment. Additional functionality encompasses a BLACK mode for confirming dark scenes; an RGB waveform monitor; a vectorscope; an RGB direct white balance adjustment; a color audio level meter; new front/rear design; SDI closed caption support; a headphone jack; and tilt stand.

The new 15:9 aspect ratio monitor is compatible with multiple HD/SD formats and features the industry’s lowest image processing delay, a Diagonal Line compensation function and such advanced focus assist functions as Focus-in-Red and Pixel-to-Pixel matching. Slim at 3.1-inches deep and light at 3.7 pounds (excluding tilt stand), the space-saving BT-LH910 is eco-friendly with a W-LED backlight.

When used as an electronic viewfinder, the BT-LH910 can be configured with Panasonic’s full range of HD shoulder-mount cameras, using the optional BT-CS910 viewfinder cable. The 12V DC-powered monitor is equipped with both a 4-pin XLR DC input and an Anton Bauer battery gold mount, making it ideal for outdoor use.


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